Terroir, terroir, terroir!

Our Single-Vineyard collection of wines is comprised of five wines, from five of Napa Valley’s greatest appellations: 

The concept that a site: its soil and climate have an influence on the character of the wine it produces goes back to the time of the Egyptians where wines were first named for the individual parcels that they came from. Amphorae of the time read like modern labels, stamped in clay with name of the winemaker, the year of the kings’ reign when it was produced, the region of production right down to the parcel.  The idea of terroir is the fundamental intellectual exercise in wine and the source of its desirability. Terroir is quality; it is the reason wines taste differently, the very reason we can separate great wine from good wine. Having been educated in Burgundy where site differences were measured to a hair’s breadth since Medieval times I wanted to show the dynamic differences in Napa Valley’s terroir. In the context of one the most ecologically and geologically complex places on Earth.