Wine isn’t a new thing, many of the techniques we still use would be familiar to the Egyptians. Grapes become wine in a beautifully natural process; sometimes they need our help but often they just need us to get out of the way. The trick lies in knowing when is when. We don’t let science tyrannize painting or sculpture or music and so neither must it dictate our wine.  Away with Oak-a-Cola!  Away with over-simplified, same-y tasting wines, and back to complex, surprising, strange and delicious.

We release our wines twice a year;  in May we offer a pre-bottling opportunity to order large formats then we offer the 750ml size bottles in Fall and ship everything in November (temperatures permitting).  Our next release will be October 2016;  we will release the 750ml size bottles of our 2014 vintage wines.  If you are already a member of our mailing list, you will receive an email invitation with log in information on the relevant day.

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