Chester’s Anvil

Forged from a long friendship between neighbors, from the heat of fiery discussions over many dinners, comes a stable of wines that exceed expectations.

Friends for donkey’s years, neighbors on the rough, rocky, vineyard-strewn slopes of Mt. Veeder, neighbors in mind, spirit and dedication, Steve Lagier & Dr. Carole Meredith of Lagier Meredith Vineyard and Aaron & Claire Pott of Pott Wine proudly present Chester’s Anvil – wines of simple pleasure.

Luscious wines, complex wines, balanced wines that are not afraid to show their provenance. Wines that reveal themselves easily, unpretentiously. Wines that draw you into the night, to gather at the fire for whispers or tall tales.

The current vintage of Chester’s Anvil is sold out. The next release will be in November 2013. If you wish to inquire about our wines, please contact us.

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