Mascot: The Incubo

An Incubo is a spirit who watches over buried treasure, such as a dragon jealously guarding his hoard.

Motto: “A Coelo Usque Ad Centrum”

Latin: “From the sky [heavens] all the way to the center of the Earth.”

The sky (sun, air, water) and the earth give our vines everything they need; all wine is is the sublimation of these elements. It’s awesome in its simplicity and we are proud to be the humble stewards of this fundamental transformation.

And then, for thousands of years people have used [wine] drinking as a way to tune in their spiritual radio. Dinner parties at our place seem to follow this same rule. More often than not the conversation turns philosophical, even metaphysical… and our motto is exemplified in this amazing thought:

That the alcohol in wine comes from sugar that the vine generates by sun-powered photosynthesis. And this sun energy reaches us as photons, which are actual particles that have traveled those 93 millions miles across space!

We like to think of photons as friendly little astronaut visitors who bring us this gift of the gods… From the heavens all the way to Earth.