The perfect complement to our Pott collection

When I craft my wines I am looking for perfection: balance, elegance and the greatest expression of the terroir. During harvest I will often return to pick different parts of the same vineyard on separate days to best capture the expression of the myriad different soil types, exposures and micro-climates.  This intense selection, followed by excessive hand-sorting and small batch fermentation, means we create several different lots for every wine.   Then each of these lots, and even every barrel, will chart its own course through the next two years of ageing.

When time comes to assemble the final blends of our Estate and Single-Vineyard wines, I want typicité (exemplifying the terroir), and wines that will marry perfectly together for excellent ageing.  Sometimes particular lots aren’t a good fit, they’re not true to the terroir, or they are too intense or too singular. In any case, some lots will be left out.

But this doesn’t mean they are not good wines.  They are, as Claire likes to say, just as ‘classy but not as ‘classical.’  So, after our Single-Vineyard wines and Estate wines are assembled we revisit the portfolio of lots that are left and blend our ‘second’ wine.  It’s “Napa Valley in a bottle”; all the complexity of 33 different soil types, the intensity of the mountain vineyards with the silkiness and the pleasure of the valley floor.  It’s your drink-now, goes–with-everything bottle of great Napa Cab.